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Printer Ink Types And Their Different Characteristics

29 / 11 / 2016

Buying ink for a printer is a hassle to say the least. Which type is the best fit for your printer? Which is the best for your print needs? What type is the most expensive? The questions can seem endless. When comparing the different types of printer ink online, you should consider how the printer ink types differ and what your printer requires.

The first thing to consider when figuring out what printer ink types are best is what type of printer you have. Generally, ink jet printers require cartridges. To know what type of cartridges to purchase, you'll need to consider the type of printing (black and white, photo) that you're going to be doing as well as the color cartridges that your printer required. In order to avoid the costs of purchasing brand new cartridges, many users are now choosing to refill their cartridges with refill kits or at stores with refill services. This can save an incredible amount of money in the end.

Laser printers use toner ink, a type of powder that sticks to the paper when heated during the printing process. These are the types of printers that are often used in commercial printing, and require the large, sometimes unwieldy refill toner cartridges often seen in offices. Laser printer cartridges, while somewhat unwieldy and expensive, often last a long time compared to their ink jet counterparts and can print without too much smudging or streaking.

Some printers now use solid ink, or blocks of ink made primarily of vegetable oils that are melted and fused to the paper during printing. Solid ink is often thought of as an eco-friendly way to get more intense colors and quality in the printing job, but it is usually not used in commercial and home printing.

In most cases, there will be specific print ink restrictions and requirements relating to your printer. Most printer ink will come with a serial number or some sort of identification that will tell the user what type of printer it is made for. Before heading to the store or online to search for replacement printer ink, check the instruction guide and model number of your printer so you'll be prepared to find the most compatible ink for your specific brand of printer.

There are a seemingly countless number of options when researching printer ink online, and the process can be quite daunting. Knowing the differences between the types of ink and which the best is for your printer and print job requirements can enable you to shop around for your ink needs and can save you an incredible amount of time and money.