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Expert Hacks To Make Your Printer Ink Cartridges Last Long

26 / 10 / 2017
Printers and their cartridges practically run the office. It would be difficult to print invoices and receipts without them. They must therefore be kept running at all cost. Experts have given verified tips that will keep your Printer ink cartridges in perfect shape and ensure that they last long. Here are some of them


Store the cartridge in a zip lock or air tight plastic paper

One of the most common problems with cartridges is drying up of ink. It mostly occurs when you do not use the printer for sometime. To prevent such problems, preserve your cartridge in an air tight or zip lock plastic paper. The paper or bag should then be stored in a cool and dry place. Exposing cartridges to heat or sunlight damages them, causing them to dry.


Preserve cartridges in head down position

Cartridges should remain moist to avoid drying up. This will be impossible if the head is positioned on the upper side. The best way to preserve the cartridges is head down. Beyond preventing the ink from drying up, this storage position ensures that different inks do not mix up leading to contamination. This should still be in a cool and dry place.


Protect The Electronic Parts Of Your Cartridge

Do not touch or interfere with any section of your cartridge that is electronic. Such interference is likely to damage the connection that exists between the cartridge and computer or signal sending device. Since printers depend on signals from computers and other devices to operate, interference will affect this signal leading to malfunction when you want to print.


Follow instructions when fixing and removing the cartridge from your printer

Cartridges are designed to fit into the designated slot with ease. Any attempt to force the cartridge will result in damage. If a cartridge does not fit into the slot, it is likely to belong to another printer. It will not even function properly when you want to print. Read instructions and adhere to them at all times. Do not attempt to use the wrong cartridge on a printer even though they appear similar.


Run tests on your printer regularly

There are instances where you do not use the printer over a long period. This is likely to cause the ink to dry. Run tests on regular basis to ensure that the ink does not dry on the head. Once the ink dries your cartridge is permanently damaged. Regular tests also prepare the cartridge for use the next time you need it. Each cartridge comes with cleaning cycle instructions that you can use to keep the cartridge in good shape at all times.


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