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Choosing the Ideal Toner Cartridge for Quality Prints

04 / 08 / 2017
All printers require an appropriate toner cartridge to be in use for high-quality prints. Using the ideal toner cartridge not only ensures that more pages are produced in less time but also avoids too much wastage of printing papers or even worse, damaging your printer. A suitable toner should be compatible with the printer in use. With the wide selection available for buyers, it can be a difficult task to choose the best toner cartridge. Factors to consider when choosing the ideal toner cartridges for printer efficiency include:


Make a choice between color or black toner cartridge

When considering whether to buy a color or black toner cartridge for printer, the key point is to identify what type of print output is needed. If you mostly print in black and white, a black toner cartridge is the most appropriate choice for these jobs. If your printing tasks involve printing high-quality photos and presentations, choose a color toner cartridge. However, it is important to check the model of your printer, since some printers only print black and white. Although color cartridges are more expensive than then the black toner cartridges, most come with black color making them worth the cost.

Check the size of the printer cartridge

Usually, toner cartridges are labeled in line with make or model of printers. The numerical model of your printer can be found on the front side of the printer or in the user’s manual.  Knowing the exact model of your printer ensures you select the most compatible toner cartridge to avoid buying one that won’t fit into the printer you are using.

Pick between original, compatible and recycled toner cartridges

Original toner cartridges, better known as original equipment manufacturers toners, are made by a specific manufacturer of printers. They are perfect for a given type of printer and produces the highest quality print outs. They usually come with a warranty, and as such, they are more expensive than the recycled and compatible toners.

Compatible toner cartridges are built by a third party manufacturer using entirely new parts. They are capable of offering high-quality output, so long as they are bought from credible manufacturers. They cost less than the original equipment manufacturer toner cartridges


Recycled toner cartridges are used original toners that have been cleaned and restructured to the initial standards. They are susceptible to leaking which can damage the printer and produces low-quality prints. However, they are eco-friendly and cheapest than the original and compatible toner cartridges.

Find out the page yield    

There is a wide supply of toner cartridges that produce different page yields. If you print for bulk, go for a printer that has high page yields to save on costs. Usually, the page yield of a toner cartridge is shown by a label on its casing.


The choice of toner cartridges for printer heavily depends on the printing requirements, available funds and personal preferences. To find the most dependable and budget friendly toner cartridge,  first decide whether your printing tasks involve black or color, then go on to choose either an original equipment manufacturer, compatible or recycled toner cartridge, whichever falls under your budget without compromising on the quality of your printing output.